Croatia combines the stunning history and architecture of Eastern Europe with the crystal clear water and sunny climate of the Mediterranean. Even better, it’s still a relatively affordable European destination, with great restaurants and bustling cities.

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Backpacking Southeast Asia is something almost all the experienced travelers I met -either in Southeast Asia or elsewhere- have already done. Indeed, backpacking Southeast Asia is easy, not dangerous, cheap and the area is wonderful. Moreover, you meet a lot of other Westerners in the region, that makes it even easier to travel there. Even if you’re not an experienced backpacker, if you’re planning a long-term trip (either alone, with a friend, with your soulmate of with your family), backpacking Southeast Asia is probably a good way to start, a good area to gain confidence and also experience as a traveler. Thinking about backpacking Southeast Asia soon? Here’s a Southeast Asia travel guide with a lot of travel tips, I spent quite some time there!


World Heritage

This article mostly aims to show another perspective, what it’s like when you’re traveling and being judged by the color of your skin before opening your mouth, the obstacles and challenges to go through, and of course if you’re black, what to expect when you’re traveling. Cause yeah, I often get messages from black people who …


Hi! I’m Mehedi, from Bangladesh. Wanna know what it’s like to travel in some areas of the world as a black person? There’s not much info online about black travel, so follow my journey here!